A little about my muse.

So, um… Got the skeleton up.  Hey, it’s Chaos’ blog.  She’s the origin deity in the Greek mythology but she has other roles in others as well.  She is an overpowered muse and hopefully I tried to downplay it a bit.

She is currently a self-centered goddess who has a talking sword that gets her into embarrassing situations.  She isn’t good at modern technology or good at being around anyone, yet she has observed them.  She has restarted her universe a couple of times because she wasn’t satisfied with the gods whom descended from her, because of that she was punished severely.  She is unable to achieve her truest form, the formless matter that we know from myth and legend.  The memory of such a spell is locked away.

Unfortunately, this spell is open for anyone to learn it to use her against anyone they wish so long they have read the Scriptures.